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The C-Lining technology, also known as “Heart” Tube technique, has been developed to revolutionize the inner lining system of piping. It is a process of inserting a high-density polyethylene tube into metal piping, and it can be of cast iron, ductile, carbon steel, fiber cement, concrete, ceramic and others. The procedure consists of 4 steps:

• Cleaning and preparation of the piping to be lined.
• Deformation of polyethylene piping in “C”.
• Insert.
• Return of the deformed polyethylene piping to its initial condition.


Integral solution for new piping and a next-generation technology for the recovery of piping with leaks, incrustation, corrosion and even structural problems.


• Fast and safe implementation.
• Decreased work contingencies.
• If the structural properties of the metallic piping remain intact, it is possible to apply thinner piping, once the internal and/or external   pressure will be absorbed by the existing piping.
• Increased resistance to corrosive agents.
• Increased resistance to abrasion.
• Decreased incrustation effect of salts, minerals and other elements in its inner walls.
• Unlike metal piping, polyethylene is completely nontoxic, i.e., it does not pollute nor harms health.
• Compared to metallic materials, it features increased hydraulic load due to less roughness friction on the inner walls (Hazen William   coefficient = 150).
• Increased service life, being possible to exceed the 50 years since it is used within the pressure and temperature levels of the material.

Main Features

• The whole piping to be inserted should be welded by thermofusion prior to deformation.
• Technology used to coat pipes from 4” (100mm) to 42” (1050mm).
• It is possible to deform 100 meters of tube per hour.
• Technology able to coat 1,000 meters at once.
• The insert is performed at a speed of 10 meters/minute.
• The deformed polyethylene returns to its initial condition through air pressure.

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