The Company

ProPipe – Soluções em Tubulações was conceived with the objective of introducing solutions and technologies to the piping market, both for the industrial and sanitation segments. One of our main strategies is the unceasing search for cutting-edge technology products, combined to the formation of a capable team always connected to everything happening around the world.

PRO PIPE - Tecnologia em Tubulações


Offering integrated solutions for piping, aiming to provide the best technology available in the market for every situation,
taking advantage of each of them and meeting the demands of our customers.

Offering profitable and lasting solutions to our customers, such as the polyethylene-lined spools and manifolds and the C-Lining insert.


Being a leading company in the technology and piping solutions segment, being always up-to-date with regard to products,
being responsible for the professionalization of its team of employees.


- Enhancement of teamwork.
- Honesty and transparency based relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, society and the government.
- Preservation of the health and safety of the people involved in its processes.
- Preservation of the environment.
- Being an example of leadership.

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